Some are saying this could become the “Netflix of movie going” It’s called MoviePass and they are offering UNLIMITED admission to movies at participating cinemas for $50 a month.  If you don’t think you’ll see enough movies to make it worthwhile, there is also $30 4-movie package.

The part that stands out as having real Clockless™ appeal, is the fact that you book through a “smartphone app that subscribers can use to locate available showings and check in. Instead of getting a ticket, you can just flash your phone and walk right in.”

I don’t know about your local cinema, but for me here in LA, that is a major attraction.  Popular films often sell out and the lines can be arduous.

The Clockless™ wave is geared for the: Hyper-life consumer finding 24hr solutions.  Cutting in line and booking from their phone is right on target for this type of person.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is “I want what I want, when I want it.”™

I’m sure you know many people who live that mantra.

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