Want to understand Flexible Flux™?  Here is a perfect example of something that would fit into this wave.

Supercandy”!!  While the makers of Snap don’t deny that this is candy… they are no strangers to the fitness industry and have developed treats that health conscious people can feel good about.

“Snap Infusion Supercandy seeks to provide snackers with both. Each biodegradable package of candy contains a daily dose of B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes delivered via patented “Snap bead” microcapsules. There’s no pretense that these are “health” food; the creators wanted to make candy, but candy that was healthier than most. Snap’s launching with five classic candy varieties: gum, tarts, caramels, gummies and jelly beans. Each is naturally flavored, colored and sweetened. There’s no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats. And while they still pack a calorie punch, it’s around half that of most similar treats.”

The Human Truth™ of Flexible Flux™ is: “I want some good stuff, even in my bad stuff.”™ It’s about “rationalizing decisions”,  which is something that so many people do on a daily basis when it comes to food choices.

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