SUMMERTIME!!!  Couldn’t you just go for a nice cool beverage?  How about a refreshing mix of flavors you may not be familiar with, and chunky chewy bits floating in it?

These Asian style drinks are much more popular in the Asia Pacific than the USA, but I really think, given the chance they will do great here too.  I mean, bubble tea (we call it boba) has done alright!

I came across this amusing blog about exploring the world of chunky aloe drinks:

“It’s refreshing, mild, light, cooling, and, well, kind of chunky. It’s a little like drinking the world’s most sophisticated and understated green gummy bear. Overall, though, not a bad experience.”

Sensory Appeal™ is all about introducing something unexpected.  As we know, the culinary world loves this Wave because the essence is: “ Targeting the senses with new textures, colors, tastes and sounds.” As America’s QSR’s (quick service restaurants) battle it out for the most innovative summer beverage, perhaps the emerging beverages will be looking to Asia inspiration from their chunky aloe drinks.

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