One of the things I love about my social networks is throwing things I come across to the peanut gallery and reading the response.

Lately I got excited about this amazing video of a transparent plane – it was a concept piece about visualizing the future of flight.  I loved all the biometric tech and the merging of well-being & travel.

I wasn’t alone in loving it, but more than a few people were fairly ba-humbug about it:

“Ugh, a bit over the top”, “how bout something that just gets me where I’m going?”

That made me think about the nature of innovation.  I’m the kind of person who LOVES thinking about what’s around the corner… (not surprising given this job).  I feel inspired by visionary ideas, even if they are a long way from becoming reality.  Not everyone feels that way though.  Some people are more of a “if it aint broke, why fix it” mentality.

The Private Pampering™ wave has heaps of examples of thins kind of thing.  The Human Truth™ is “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.” I guess people’s needs and wants… really do vary a lot.

Take this gravity salt & pepper shaker for instance. Ok, it’s more than you actually need… but is it cool enough to pay more?  The feedback was:

“Unnecessary.” “Gimmicky”  “manually grinding s&p is a part of the ritual of eating. Why roboticize it?”  “Can they invent a fork that puts the food in my mouth? A handle-less shovel?”

Then there were others who dug it and thought it would be a talking point at the table.  One friend said “I have an electric one with a light too! Love it!”

So I guess when it comes to the Private Pampering™ wave, it’s really a matter of personal opinion.

When you consider this wave, remember: it can be a fine line between pampering and “over the top”.

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