Stepping Stone is a Canadian advocacy group for sex workers, and they have launched a campaign to make people re-think their predjudice and stereotyping of sex workers.

In a new interview with Canada’s National Post, the nonprofit’s executive director says the campaign was motivated in part by the way prostitutes are referenced in crime coverage. “If we look at last week’s coverage of a trial a couple weeks ago, one of the headlines was all about ‘prostitute’; it did not talk about anything about these women as women,” says Rene Ross. ” ‘Killer arraigned in prostitute murders.’ ‘Alleged attacker goes to trial for prostitute beatings.’ You never hear that this is a woman, this is a mother, this is a friend.”

Inner Balance™ is about:  “Finding a deeper meaning.” The fact is that we often have a set idea of what kind of things we will find in this wave.  There is a lot in there to do with belief, spirituality and higher-order thinking.  I guess I’m putting this print campaign in the Inner Balance™ wave because sometimes sex work is about making your own decisions about the way you want to live and who you want to be … living on your own terms of what’s “right”.

Making money is a daily challenge for so many people, especially lately.  If someone makes informed decisions about how they wish to earn, it’s my opinion that they shouldn’t be judged for that, and better yet – it be made legal and safe.

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