I was originally thinking of this for the Barely Legal™ wave since it involves condoms and sex toys, but then I realized on a deeper level it’s about HOW & WHERE the products are meeting the consumer.

We all know that the food truck craze really has wheels right now… pun intended.  So it’s definitely novel that Trojan is doing this, but not surprising to me.

Trojan’s “Good Vibrations” truck will be showing up in NYC nite life hot spots and will be handing out condoms and vibrating rings and will be promoting a new product mysteriously called the “vibrating Twister.”

This Trojanmobile is classic Pop Up Lifestyle™ where the Human Truth™ is:  Meet me where I am”.

As people spill out of the bar late at night, they are going to be receptive to this kind to promotion.  In fact, they will probably thankful that Trojan has saved them a trip to the drug store if they’ve gotten lucky!!

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