I can’t decide whether this is creepy, egomaniacal or really cool…. Let’s go with all three then shall we!

A Japanese company with the ominous name of The Clone Factory will put your EXACT likeness onto a doll for you.  It seems they are using emerging 3D Printing technology to help people that want to become the kind of dolls they grew up playing with as a kid.

You can read the full story here and check out the blend of simple technology (digital SLR cameras) and this new form of printing that forms layers of ink, which harden in the plaster.

One of the reasons they wanted to wanted to offer this cloning service is “so that folks can preserve that special (some call it “unfortunate”) moment in life – getting married etc. They would clone the makeup, hairstyle and dress worn at the time too.”

The essence of the Deity Complex@ wave is all about IDENTITY STAMPING.  I think The Clone Factory may well be cornering the market with people who want more than just a pictures of themselves.

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