Here are two examples of bringing a bit of nature into your tech filled life.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of iPod, iPhone and iPad docking stations offering all kinds of features.  I’ve seen all kinds of cool stuff, from huge sound systems, to flashing lights and all kinds of slick fashionable designs.

But here we have docks that fit into the Green Echo™ wave.  The Human Truth™ is “If it has a basis in nature, it just makes sense.”

This bamboo dock is made of one of the most eco-friendly materials out there. “It’s a piece of bamboo. And that’s it. Just a piece of bamboo…but it works wonderfully. The bamboo speaker is essentially a 1-foot length of bamboo with a slot carved out of the top for the iPhone to snuggle into. The sound reverberates through the pipe and amplifies the tunes you’re listening to. And that’s about all there is to this simple speaker.”

In the same vein, check out the iLog. “It has been made from exquisite re-claimed London wood. It’s not only a stand, but also a convenient charging station. It easily turns your Apple gizmo into a TV, a slide show, even a photo frame and I’m sure you can think of other uses. The stand is a marriage of high tech living and traditional wooden beauty.”

That’s often what we find with Green Echo™ examples: cool new technology that embraces simple nature-based design.

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