I am lucky enough to arrive in LA in time for the first annual Food Truck Chow Down!

“The Innaugural Annual Food Truck Chow Down is Los Angeles’ biggest foodtruck spectacular that will showcase over 50 of LA’s best foodtrucks in a festive food and fun filled event your whole family can enjoy. Also featuring over 40 vendors, live music performances, an acoustic tent, beer & wine gardens, art and rare car displays, plus carnival games and electronic gaming truck for the kids. Hosted for the first time ever by the Los Angeles State Historic Park, over 10,000 attendees are expected to take part and savor the tastiest grub that Southern California’s most iconic foodtrucks have to offer.”

I’m excited!  LA has taken the food truck trend to awesome new levels.  There really are some amazing food innovations happening here.  I was lucky enough to visit Yamishiro’s Gourmet Farmer’s Market last week and I was blown away by the food vans there.  I sampled a duck confit taco with blood orange agave salsa and wasabi guacamole… in a word: DIVINE.  I had one of the most refreshing and tasty beverage ever: jasmine tea and pulverized watermelon over crushed ice with freshly chopped mint.  My friend tried the inspired“lasangne cupcake” and  I’m already planning to return to sample the other vans we didn’t get to.

Pop-up lifestyle™ is about MAXIMIZING ACCESSIBILITY.  Now that the “roach coach” stigma has been well and truly vanquished as far as food trucks go, we are seeing some of the most exciting food come to us in a convenient and casual way.  It’s fair to say that some people are intimidated by fine dining and here is a way that people can sample gourmet fare in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  As the Pop Up Lifestyle™ Human Truth™ says:  “Meet me where I am”.

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