Here’s an example of “people power” reversing a decision in a matter of hours. Ad company Adshel initially agreed to take to take down safe sex posters created by JuniorBrisbane for QAHC (Queensland Association for Healthy Communities) after claiming it had received many complaints from the community.

The power of social media flexed it might, as a huge wave of backlash rolled over Facebook and twitter as people cried: Homophobia!!

I noticed angry tweets, and fb updates- in addition to many petitions and rallies being proposed.  One rally was organized in Brisbane that gained 20,000 attendees on Facebook in just 5 hours.

Australia, home of the world famous Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, is often perceived as extremely tolerant – so this just didn’t sound right to me.  My suspicions were justified.  It turned out Adshel had fallen victim to an orchestrated campaign by the Australian Christian Lobby. Once the director, Wendy Francis, finally acknowledged that the complaints had been orchestrated by the ACL, Adshel immediately reinstated the ‘Rip and Roll’ campaign.

Corporate Hating™ is about demanding respect. “Big business listens when people start screaming” is the essence of this wave.  Today I witnessed an outcry that had an incredibly quick turn around thanks to the connectivity of the internet and social networks.

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