Everyone knows that buying electronics can be an overwhelming process.  With so many choices and options if your not really “in the know” you may well pay too much or have buyer’s remorse.  As an apple fangurl, I have seen it happen many times.  There are many consumers who don’t realize that a new updated version of something just around the corner.  In fact, I had a friend who bought a macbook, then 2 weeks later they released an new and better model… in his case, when he complained at his local Mac store, they actually swapped his old one out for the new (which I thought was pretty cool.)

Well if he had checked out this site before he made his purchase he might have just waited for the new version.

Decide.com: “Decide predicts future product releases to help you purchase with no regrets. We make model predictions by matching hundreds of thousands of devices to their model lineages and applying advanced machine learning and text mining algorithms. Price predictions help you pull the trigger with confidence and save money. Our prediction algorithms utilize billions of observed price movements and over 40 distinct factors.”

They turn you into a savvy shopper with their data mining techniques: “Our team uses state-of-the-art machine learning and text mining algorithms on billions of price points across millions of products, blog posts, and articles on the web to enable shoppers to make the best buying decision possible.”

The Choice Choke™ wave is about people who are dealing with OPTION OVERLOAD.  This company has seized on this modern problem with a concept that fits this wave perfectly: “I don’t need more choices, I need help choosing.”

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