For the first time, married couples have dropped below half of all American households. According to data released by the Brookings Institution, only 48 percent of American households in 2010 are classified as married.

Now, we only reminisce as we watch shows like Mad Men, at a time when marriage held the kind of social status and accomplishment that it did in the past.

The NYTimes articles outline the many reasons this has come about, a few being: “Rising income inequality has divided American society, making college-educated people less likely to marry those without college degrees. Members of that educated group have struck a new path: they marry later and stay married. In contrast, women with only a high school diploma are increasingly opting not to marry the fathers of their children, whose fortunes have declined along with the country’s economic opportunities.”

As a side note, I’m sure we could bump the number substantially over the half way mark if we legalized marriage to every couple who loved each other… but that’s slightly off topic for this blog.

The Human Truth™ for Deity Complex™ is:  “It’s my world, my way.”  The societal pressures to follow conventional paths are weakening with each passing year.  Couples are no longer feeling the need for a “piece of paper” and singles are also finding fulfillment in their own way… whether it be a career or just the fact that they enjoy living by their own rules. Welcome to the New Normal.

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