The Tickle Spa

A lot of people hate being tickled.  Probably because of memories of their brother and/or sister holding them down and tickle torturing them. That being said, I LOVE the idea of a new spa that has just opened in Madrid, … Read More

Beauty Gum

We find a lot of “enhanced” food in the Flexible Flux™ wave.  The Human truth™ is: “I want some good stuff even in my bad stuff.”  Well, I’m sure chewing gum is not high on most people’s “no no” list, … Read More

Helping The Less Tech Savvy

One of the things that stood out to me in the article Mashable did about Macy’s QR Code program was they said about 70% of Americans don’t have a smartphone. Really?  That seems like such a huge percentage!  I’m finding … Read More


E3 is sort of an electronic entertainment mecca. Brands spend their entire year (if not years) preparing to wow the public with glimpses of new games and previews of a new console system. … Read More

Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

There are so many reasons I love this idea! I love mushrooms. I love growing my own food. I love recycling. I love clever design. I love things that are easy. I also love inspiring company stories: “Back to the … Read More

Facebook Disguised As A Spreadsheet

Here’s a cheeky campaign that fashion brand DIESEL just launched.  They have made available the Be Stupid at Work app, which turns your Facebook into a Exel spreadsheet.  Why? So you can fool your boss into thinking you are working … Read More Turns You Into Savvy Shopper

Everyone knows that buying electronics can be an overwhelming process.  With so many choices and options if your not really “in the know” you may well pay too much or have buyer’s remorse.  As an apple fangurl, I have seen … Read More

AA And Belief

The Inner Balance™ wave is about “finding a deeper meaning”.  One of the times when this resonates the strongest is with questions of faith.  And one of the times this really comes in to focus is when someone admits they … Read More

Natural Tech

Here are two examples of bringing a bit of nature into your tech filled life.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of iPod, iPhone and iPad docking stations offering all kinds of features.  I’ve seen all kinds of cool stuff, … Read More

Play With Yourself

I can’t decide whether this is creepy, egomaniacal or really cool…. Let’s go with all three then shall we! A Japanese company with the ominous name of The Clone Factory will put your EXACT likeness onto a doll for you.  … Read More