Did you know that Almost 60% of 16-34 year olds use a phone as their primary timepiece?  I haven’t worn a watch since my Mickey Mouse one fell off my wrist into Sydney Harbor when I was 11 years old.  Actually, the only friend I can think of who wears a watch is a guy that rocks a cool one when he goes out clubbing – as a fashion statement.

Makes you wonder about the future of those huge brands Rolex, Seiko, Swatch etc.  Could these businesses be in trouble as newer generations stick with their smartphones?

Perhaps not if Fossil’s watch innovation takes off:

The Meta Watch isn’t just a watch. Ding. Text message. Dong. New email. Ding. An appointment. Dong. The weather sucks. Ding. Tweet. Normally, these things, or blind notifications of these things, would prompt you to pull your phone out of your pocket. If you were wearing a Meta Watch, though, you’d just casually peek at your wrist as your smartphone beams all of the most urgent updates, the stuff you really need to know, directly to it via Bluetooth. Live, glanceable info.

Most people in the younger generations would fall squarely in the Clockless™ wave.  The essence is “Hyper-life consumers find 24 hr solutions”.  Most of us find it hard to unplug for extended periods.  So anything that streamlines and aggregates our various info sources into something more convenient is sure to get a lot of attention.

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