I love infographs because I’m a visual learner, but this one gave me a scary wake-up call! It visualizes data from Medical Billing and Coding to illustrate how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours at a time each day pose serious health risks.

We all know that an active lifestyle means regular physical exercise, but did you also know that sitting down for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of death by as much as 40%??

When I add up of how much time I sit in front of the computer for business and pleasure, I realize I’m definitely the intended audience.

Those people with long commutes should also take note: Sheldon H. Jacobson, a University of Illinois researcher, found the surge in passenger vehicle usage in the U.S. between the 1950s and today may be associated with surging levels of obesity.

So how do we make a change?

Well I found some cool examples of desk modification.  First, there’s a guy who, quite cheaply, extended his desk vertically so he can stand and even “bop around to music” while he works.  He also stands barefoot on a mat “with little raised balls massage my feet and are supposed to energize.”

My favorite is the Treadmill Desk!  There are heaps of websites that advise you how to DIY and plenty of (expensive) ready-mades.  People are actually taking up the challenge to walk across America and tracking their progress with Google Maps!! This office based wanderer: “I did it! 1.75 years and approximately 20 lbs lighter, I finished my walk across America while working at my office desk. You can do it too!”

The Human Truth™ of Body Warranty™ is “I want more out of my body than ever before.”  Doing this blog made me realize that the odd couple of trips to the gym a week isn’t really enough for a person who lives such a sedentary lifestyle, so I guess I for one will be asking my body for a bit more.

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