I haven’t been gaming in the last few years …because it becomes a “problem” for me. And when I say problem, I mean it takes over every spare moment of my life and consciousness. So you could say I’m a little out of the loop on gaming terminology. When I heard the phrase “god game” I was like, Ahhh Christian computer games??

But no, it’s games where the player has “god-like” powers over the virtual world of the game. From Dust, is the latest from Ubisoft in this genre.

From Dust puts the player in a god-like perspective, with the goal of mastering the natural forces at play on a mysterious archipelago and protecting its inhabitants, using powerful tools that allow the player to manipulate sand, lava, water, and vegetation at will. The player can also fight off several natural disasters, and gains new powers doing so.”

What a great example of the Deity Complex™ wave! This is taking the Human Truth™ quite literally: “It’s my world, my way.”™ This wave sits in the ESTEEM level of Maslow’s Hierarchy for good reason.

The need to control and create order from chaos is something we can all relate to on varying levels of urgency. Gaming is an escapist kind of behavior to begin with, but my hunch is that the people who embrace this game will really enjoy feeling the power over a world in which they are The Big Boss.

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