Here’s an awesome app for intrepid travelers.  It’s called Bribespot.  It uses geotagging to report instances of bribery and corruption.  It’s a simple way to help you make choices about planning your route if you want to avoid confrontations.  Or, if it’s an unavoidable part of “the experience”, at least it lets you know about previous encounters so you can gauge how to “play it” so to speak.

“The app’s “bribe stream” reveals specifics about each bribe, including how it was requested or paid, how much it was and who was involved. When users encounter bribery themselves, meanwhile, they can also use the app to report it anonymously.”

Their website says: By accumulating data from thousands of anonymous users, we turn isolated users into powerful movement against corrupt individuals and institutions.

Corporate Hating™ is about “the people” fighting back.  The Human Truth™ is “I hate being treated like I don’t matter.” This app is a perfect example of how crowdsourced information can be used in an empowering way.

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