When I think cupcakes – I think Pacifiers™.

When I think alcohol – I think Pacifiers™.

But when I heard of cupcake flavored vodka – I thought Blechhh! Maybe I’m being too harsh though, because I actually don’t have much of a sweet tooth. So I put out a quick poll on my social networks: Gross or Yum? The response was quite mixed with extreme reactions on both sides…  lets just say the consensus was: sounds weird but would try it.

The company’s website was actually quite informative and I was glad to see they don’t just pour a bunch of artificial sweetners in there: “We don’t add any unnatural sweeteners, because we don’t want our Vodka exaggeratedly sweet; we want it clean, crisp and {you got it} delicious. We are proud to put our Cupcake name on these four super-premium flavors of Cupcake Vodka. So go ahead, Live Deliciously.

The Pacifiers™ wave is all about things that “soothe and comfort”. Heck knows most of us need that kind of thing lately. In fact, one might even draw a correlation to the enormous cupcake craze taking off right around the economic crisis and political unrest. So I guess couple that with alcohol, and you have a perfect example of the Human Truth™ of Pacifiers™: something to “Make the world go away.”™

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