Ok. So even though the loveable snarks over at Gawker had a field day with this, I happen to think it’s a perfect example of Private Pampering™.

It’s an article about an extreme example of luxury in the bottled water market. Yes we are talking about a $2600 bottle of water. And the amazing part is that BlingH2O is being completely transparent about the fact that its water is sold under about 90 brand names in the U.S.—including one that prices its bottles at $2.49 each, available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations. But according to Kevin Boyd, the founder of Bling, the “couture” packaging justifies its price, because of its hand-applied crystals and customizable designs. “I’m not just selling a water,” he says, “but a lifestyle.”

That’s Private Pampering™ in a nutshell. The Human Truth™ is “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.” It’s about the moment of feeling like: “Hey I know I could do this on the cheap, but I feel like being extravagant!”

Now, most of us will probably never feel that way about a bottle of water… however many crystals are on it… but the point remains; a lot of people have that moment of celebration where any expense is necessary in that moment. This might be an extreme example, but heaven knows, when we have a WIN in this day and age it’s worth indulging!

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