Mini-Size Me

Flexible Flux is all about justification.  It’s no surprise that many food chains are experimenting with mini sizes to lure the diet conscious consumer. “Dairy Queen promoted baby Blizzards last month, giving diners about half the calories of the small … Read More

AUDI Fights Crime By Breaking The Rules

I have to admit when I saw this pic I thought it was an act of Brandalizm™.  Surely, a high-end brand like Audi wouldn’t be so “edgy”?  But it’s legit! -at least in South Africa. For those of you not … Read More

Baby Junk Food

Not only does this product arouse some serious: WTF? But this has to be one of the most amusing sales pitches I’ve seen in a long time! So how does this French company sell parents “Baby Junk Food”?  …with a … Read More

Celeb Sanctuary

The essence of Brand Sanctuary™ is “using trusted names as a shield”.  This usually means product names that we’ve grown up with, or choose to use above all others because we perceive them as “the best”.  In the world of … Read More

Geotagging Bribery

Here’s an awesome app for intrepid travelers.  It’s called Bribespot.  It uses geotagging to report instances of bribery and corruption.  It’s a simple way to help you make choices about planning your route if you want to avoid confrontations.  Or, … Read More

Beautiful Boy

The man that too beautiful to be topless!! The Daily Mail reports: “Barnes & Noble is said to have told Dossier’s distributor that it would have to forfeit the order or agree to a covering concealing the image. It said … Read More

Tasty Tributes

I may not have a sweet tooth but I love the cleverness of these cute treats.  It really feels like people (food bloggers) are trying to out do each other with creativity and quirkiness lately. Here are some examples that … Read More

Scary Data About Sitting

I love infographs because I’m a visual learner, but this one gave me a scary wake-up call! It visualizes data from Medical Billing and Coding to illustrate how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours at a time each day … Read More

The Cycle Of Life – Green Burial

There have been many “green funeral” alternatives in the last few years,  vertical burials or solar panels atop mausoleums, for example. Well the latest comes from Spanish designer Martín Ruiz de Azúa.  These biodegradable “Bios Urns” combine human remains with … Read More

When Good Things Come In Small Packages

I saw two interesting articles that were about achieving the same goal:  To downsize using space saving techniques in order to simplify a dwelling.  Yeah, pretty much the opposite of “MTV Cribs”.  These are really smart, effective design examples that … Read More