There’s a spectacle being planned for this year’s Indianapolis 500. Hot Wheels will attempt to break the world record for longest jump by a four-wheel vehicle. The epic undertaking involves a 90-foot ramp mounted on a 10-story-tall bedroom door. The driver, whose real identity is being kept secret, will have to hit at least 90 mph by the end of the ramp to clear the record.

Did a 10year old kid dream this up?

It seems the ten year old kid that lives inside the marketing types who work for Hot Wheels have been allowed to go nuts lately.  As if this stunt isn’t enough, they created quite a stir with a recent ambient campaign.  I have NEVER seen a billboard like this!

It was erected on an overpass in Bogota, Colombia. Even the pics of it being erected drew the internets attention.  I really think that even though Hot Wheels are essentially kid’s toys, these latest efforts appeal to childlike imagination in us all.

A perfect fit for the DVR Lifestyle™ wave!  This is a wave where we get to “pick the good parts”. Whether that means pressing rewind to where we get to feel and act younger, or fast forwarding to experience things that are beyond our years.  I know people of all ages that would be excited by these campaigns.

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