Uber-Snarky hipster publication Vice, never ceases to crack me up with their “Do’s and Don’ts”.  However, I really had to pause on this recent example and think about the DVR Lifestyle™ wave.

I know for a fact, that I am never going to dress my age.  I’m a woman in her 30’s that dresses like a teenage boy most of the time… (I certainly bust out the glam when I the time is right, don’t get me wrong.)

Anyway, it made me think of a train ride the other day where I was checking out the tatts on a group of Gen Y’s….  I’m talking about giant ironic “statements” that COVER their bodies that are kinda funny and cool now ie: the Ghostbusters logo, zombie wounds, popular band etc.  You may think: “oh dear, what will it look like when they’re 80?” … but the way fads change these days they will be “past it” in 3yrs!

On the other hand sometimes “cool” endures.  One of the hottest, most stylish fashion shoots I’ve seen lately was the NY Times glam rocker tribute.  Now these guys can seriously teach the young bucks how to wear a sharp suit.

Well, I guess my thought on the subject is: that some thing’s last, and some things definitely don’t.  In my opinion, the things that fall into the “stand the test of time” category are just an authentic approach to life and doing what you do. The: “this is me regardless of what’s in” philosophy.

To me, anything else is like chasing the tail of some fleeting fashion trend that is probably over because you know about it.  With the case of our “rainbow lady”, I’m not sure she really is a bandwagon kinda gal; I think she’s a just free spirit and letting her freak flag fly…. Which is exactly the “eccentric” old lady I intend on being!!

DVR lifestyle is all about “picking the good parts”.  Whether it’s fashion or behavior, I imagine the future to be full of people who refuse to “act there age”.

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