A lingerie company in Australia has been in the news recently with an interesting proposal that fit’s perfectly into the Body Warranty™ wave.

Triumph launched a campaign to change the way we refer to woman’s body types.  You might be familiar with the terms I’m talking about… for example: if you have bigger hips then bust you would be a “pear”.

They are responding to a survey that found women don’t like being referred to as fruit.  Hopefully the survey didn’t cost an arm and a leg because I personally would file that under: “DUH”.  Yeh, if I was dealing with not fitting into clothes properly I would hate to be called an “apple” on top of it all.

The Buff Culture™ wave sits fair and square in the Maslow Hierarchy of ESTEEM.  It’s about how we feel about ourselves.  So Triumphs idea?  Base the body type labels on Old Master artists (“I’m a Botticelli,” “I’m a Rembrandt,” etc.)

To be honest, I’d be surprised if it catches on, but I like it.  I was once described in a play review as being a “Botticelli Angel” and I was very flattered even though it’s implying I’m quite curvy.

That is the intention, to describe body types in a way that makes women feel like a work of art.  As the Human Truth™ of Body Warranty says: “When I look good, I feel good.”  Perhaps this is a case of “When I’m described in a flattering way, I feel good”

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