“Dressing Your Age” Disappearing

Uber-Snarky hipster publication Vice, never ceases to crack me up with their “Do’s and Don’ts”.  However, I really had to pause on this recent example and think about the DVR Lifestyle™ wave. I know for a fact, that I am … Read More

M-Commerce: We Want It, But Don’t Trust It

I came across this survey that Mobio Identity Systems has conducted, and it revealed some pretty interesting statistics.  A whopping 94% of all North Americans would complete payments through their mobile phones if they were sure of systems security. People … Read More

Dominos “Caters” To Their Demographic

I spotted this coupon on Failblog.org.  They proclaim it as a WIN.  If you don’t know why it’s a WIN then you probably aren’t the intended demographic. Domino’s has pulled a humorous little Power Play™.  This wave is all about … Read More

The OCD Cutting Board

First off, the name of this chopping board made me ponder the fact that so many serious mental disorders are bandied around rather flippantly these days.  We all do it! Or if you don’t then I’m sure you seen tweets … Read More

Jack In The Box Launches A Food Truck

Pop Up Lifestyle™ has been tracking the food van trend for many quarters now and it’s still going strong.  You know a trend has hit the mainstream when a major QSR jumps on board. Well, burger and taco joint Jack … Read More

Giving Back: Uniqlo is Doing It Right. BING? Ahhh No.

As the world shakes its head with incomprehension at the destruction in Japan, some companies are showing their true colors with the ways they are Giving Back™.  This week has been full of examples of good and bad reactions to … Read More

Body Types Described As Works Of Art

A lingerie company in Australia has been in the news recently with an interesting proposal that fit’s perfectly into the Body Warranty™ wave. Triumph launched a campaign to change the way we refer to woman’s body types.  You might be … Read More

Sustainable Sound

Here’s a cool piece of Green Hot™ evidence.  At first you wouldn’t think it is, because it looks more like a fun music accessory than something that addresses energy waste.  But like it says on it’s website: “Tembo Trunks don’t … Read More

Rebecca Black Viral Reveals “Popstar For A Day” Biz

Over the weekend there was a viral storm over an incredibly bad music video of a teenage girl singing vacuously about the days of the week and whether she should sit in the front or back seat of a car.  … Read More

Bieber Gets Slayered

We haven’t covered anything from the Brandalizm™ wave in a while so when I came across this awesome T-shirt I couldn’t resist. For those who don’t recognize the typography, its been emblazoned on millions of metal heads shirts for the … Read More