Arcade Who? Indie Band Wins Album of the Year

So the recent 2011 Grammy’s were not only watchable but America watched!  As Rolling Stone said: “doesn’t this show usually suck?”

Apparently people responded to the mercifully short speeches and plain ol’ quality entertainment.  There was back-to-back showstoppers, appearances by music’s icons and colorful “water cooler fodder” ie:  The Egg & Nikki Minaj’s hair.

I want to focus on the Album on the Year winner’s: Arcade Fire.  Yeah, ok, I’m a fan and I’m kinda psyched but it really does fit into our iBuiltit™ wave.

The wave essence™ is “Personal adaption through need or desire”.  Arcade Fire is the first music group not signed to a major label to win Album of the Year.  An indie band won!?! Twitter has been ablaze with “WTF? WHO??” tweets… so much so, that someone has made a hilarious blog of them.

I’m sure it was the band’s desire for creative freedom and disinterest in record company bullsh*t that kept them from signing dotted lines all these years, so they “built it” themselves.  Sometimes iBuiltit™ is about finding a solution that meets your needs, making it work on your terms and nobody elses.

As the Human Truth™ says: “If you wont find a way I/we will”.  Going the path least travelled can have many rewards, one of which is the satisfaction of knowing you did it your way.


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