Comfort food fanatics, it is indeed time for a show of hands. You’ll need them actually, because now that you can make a pie in around 8 minutes I have a feeling that your hands may become busy. This handy little machine will bake you a 4 inch, fit in your hand pie, crimp the edges for you and make it about as perfect as imaginable, without you even really needing to know much about pastry baking.

There’s a method to this though, two years ago when the recession started the sales of small sweets and pocket candy went up. Eventually of course that gets old, we move on to more satisfying comfort food. So we head down the route of the meatloaf and mash potato cupcakes and toast only restaurants. But it still left the quick access to comfort food at home options a little short. So this is where the mini movement comes in.

We’ve already seen the mini cakes and mini cupcake machines for home, so pie is a natural step in this direction, and possibly the gateway to overindulgence. My two cents is to buy all the machines, bake some mini-cupcake pies and then turn them into cakes. You can never be too comforted.

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