Many people have lamented the loss of a “true” underground culture due to the internet. It makes it hard to be obscure when everyone, everywhere has access to you. It’s only natural that someone would figure out how to adapt to the current digital culture a create a new underground.

Enter the Witch House scene.

Warren Ellis describes Witch House as:

“An unholy fusion of chopped, screwed and dragged hip hop, ghost drones, gothic doom and 70s Italian horror movies. A subgenre notable for band names that use HTML symbols instead of letters, which makes them unsearchable on Google. A subculture of musicians going out of its way to stay underground at a time when the internet has almost deleted the very concept of an underground.”

These guys move their downloads from place to place, with temporary homes in comment sections of websites, free music sites, and private profiles across the web. They limit the number downloads at each place to a few hundred, creating both scarcity and rarity.

A few bands include †‡†,ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ and oOoOO.

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