Reality TV is everywhere, we cannot escape it; but we can make it better. What started as a blip on MTV as The Real World has grown into a mega industry, one where everyone can be famous for nothing and we sit glued to the television watching them drink, cry and fight.

Now, while this may not be your idea of the perfect viewing experience it’s wrangled in years of patient viewers. However, recently a shift to more realistic reality TV has occurred; and it’s something we’re all growing to love. From Deadliest Catch to Cake Boss, the reinvention of reality TV from screaming twenty-somethings to screaming adults frantically trying to live their lives has grown fast. And in one area in particular, it’s booming.

Now I’ll admit, when I’m sick at home there’s nothing better than The Price is Right followed by a good binge of Antiques Roadshow (maybe I shouldn’t have said this) but let’s face it finding out how much that old pottery is worth is boring. And that’s where reality TV steps in.

Shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers are developing a massive fan base, one that’s loyal enough to begin the trade of antiquing out of inspiration alone. But the trend hasn’t peaked yet, and since we have junk hunters are a pawnshop the next logical step is an abandoned storage unit, or at least that’s what Spike TV’s newest series Auction Hunter’s is about.

Time will tell where all these shows are heading, but one thing’s for sure; nostalgia and history are becoming powerful players in reality TV. While they may not bring anything truly amazing to the screen, just like the antiques they uncover; they are worth investing in.

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