Secret Cinema Adds a New Level of Entertainment

If I Told You, You would Have To be Destroyed By Me. … Read More

The Breathtaking Speed Of Web Sharing

As a professional web surfer I see firsthand on a daily basis how quickly information, trends, memes, etc whizz around the globe. This awesome presentation from Geek Comedian Tom Scott really succeeds in putting that into perspective. … Read More

The New Underground

Bands exist that you can’t look for. … Read More

Pickers, Pawners and Auction Hunters

The reinvention of reality TV from screaming twenty-somethings to screaming adults frantically trying to live their lives has grown fast. And in one area in particular, it’s booming. … Read More

“Help me, Death Bear!”

Death Bear can help you. If you live in New York City and are feeling depressed over a breakup and can’t “bear” to get rid of all that memorabilia from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, just call Death Bear. He’ll arrive at your home in costume, accept all your love trash—like letters, photos, gifts, underwear, or whatever—and he’ll get rid of it. … Read More

Speakeasy USB Hubs

A new form of file transferring has emerged, almost like a speakeasy USB hub; and it’s sticking out of a wall. … Read More

Rachel Ray Creates BACON. Internet: Rachel RAGE.

Ok, “RAGE” might be a strong term. … Read More

Art So Underground – It’s Illegal

The Barely Legal™ Wave represents behavior that’s a little taboo, a brief walk on the wildside. However, what happened to the art fans who ventured into the NYC subway system was all too real in its legality. … Read More

For once, the Net actually Encouraged Reading

Machine of Death is an anthology of speculative short stories about people who know how (but not when) they are going to die. The authors got clever and asked everyone who was planning to buy the book to do so on the day it was released, Oct. 26, so they could place high on the Amazon sales charts. … Read More

My Adventure in Scare Gaming

The game is called Amnesia The Dark Descent; it’s a horror survival game. Except that’s where it takes an interesting turn. You don’t fight; or level up. You run. All in all, it’s a total emotional rollercoaster. … Read More