I’ve seen projection mapping before, as art installations, but Ralph Lauren has brought it to the mainstream in a spectacular way. One can only imagine how much this eye-popping show cost but it really has positioned the brand as being at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

It’s game changing — it blows my mind — it changes the way we look at architecture; it will change retail, movies, advertising, everything,” says David Lauren, son of the brand’s founder, of the spectacle and the new technology that makes it possible.

On Wednesday, Ralph Lauren plans to offer the public a futuristic vision in which “architectural mapping” technology is used on the store facade, creating what the brand calls a “4-D” experience.

This latest dramatic development is part of what the company calls “merchan-tainment,” the concept of commerce with entertainment, which it previously has offered through lifestyle films on RLTV, its own production operation, as well as initiatives with sports.

But the new “augmented reality” project is in another league.

“We put our hearts and souls into this,” says Mr. Lauren of the sound and light show created by superimposing optical effects created by pinpointed pixels of light over a projected 3-D replica of the building.

This sensory experience — complete with sound and even a mist of fragrance — will not be staged only in London. One of the brand’s New York stores also will get a similar eye-popping show.” [more via NYTimes]

The Human Truth of Sensory Appeal™ is “When you add a new sensation, it all seems new.”  If you take the time to watch the video you will definitely see the fashion show in a whole new light.

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – London from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

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