Can You Spare an Outlet?

Shielding has been the land of tinfoil hats and conspiracies since we started covering it, so in the same vein the newest to add to the pile is something called “Range Anxiety”.

Range Anxiety is the fear of being on the road in your efficient electric car between two points and running out of juice, and having nowhere to charge. People are afraid of being stranded, it’s nothing new, and when you add in the questionable factor of where people are going to start charging their electric cars it does seemingly make sense. Then again, several places are excited about putting in charging stations just to attract more business.

Locke Hilderbrand

Locke has grown up with an eclectic mix of travel and technology at all times. His views and ideas are inspired by the fusion of subcultures and street scenes, global travel and the internet. He is a cultural translator and scene adaptor by day, artist by night, always hunting for what's next and embracing what's now

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