Carlashes™: At Least A Moving Violation, Right?

When I saw this product I *facepalmed* and hit next. But then it got me thinking…just because I’m not the target for girly things doesn’t mean I shouldn’t blog about them. … Read More

Fun Lovers At Any Age

Is 80 the new 70? Seventy the new 60? One of the stars of “Sunset Daze,” Gail Leibowitz, believes it, and proves it, in a new cable reality show described as Viagra fueled and a geriatric version of “Jersey Shore.” … Read More

Gaming “Addiction” Treatment

There’s a study going on in South Korea at the Department of Psychiatry at Chung Ang University, and it’s all about Starcraft. Not so much the beloved game, but the addiction that people seemingly get to it. See, gaming in South Korea is very different than here, if you can make leaderboards on in South Korea, you might as well be a national hero. … Read More

My Generation

I’m not much for scripted dramas, usually because usually because I cannot relate to them, but this weekend I saw a preview for something that struck a nerve, it’s a new show ABC has coming out called My Generation. … Read More

Social Networking as The New Retail Model

Crowdsourced Cuisine at it’s best. … Read More

The Speed of Faster

To say we shift gears a lot as a culture is an understatement. We’re constantly on the move, constantly looking for something new, something better. You could say it has become so ingrained into the American way of life that we’ve come to expect a 24/7 accessible world. … Read More

We’ll Be the Judge

We’ve all seen it. A company spokesperson, or even the CEO, shows up on TV and tells you what a wonderfully socially responsible company XWZ is. Well now, instead of just helplessly sitting on your couch, Project Label is giving you a chance to throw in your opinion about a company to help create what is called a “social nutrition” label. … Read More

Fresh Ideas: Humane Meat

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, is a fast-casual chain with six units in South Florida that has found some Inner Balance™. The essence of this Wave is “Personal Direction” and that’s what they have with the announcement that all of the meat it serves has been Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a certification and labeling nonprofit. … Read More

Wow, Something That Works ANYWAY®

I hate waste! I’m the kind of person who will always find the quickest route anywhere or keep the peanut butter until every last skerrick has been eked out of the jar. So, here is a great design innovation that really appeals to me. … Read More

An Unforgettable Controlled Substance

What if you could take a pill before your next big meeting and remember everything during the last two months that would help you be the star of that meeting? Or what if you could give your son or daughter a pill that would make taking their next test a snap? … Read More