Virtual Church

In previous generations, people went to church to keep in touch with their friends, socialize, and yes, practice their faith. Now? For millenials, the generation between 18 and 30, many are now going to the Internet to find God, get religious, or move past religion to something more meaningful. … Read More

Biochronicity and Temporal Mechanisms Arising in Nature

Our military defense will soon rest in the hands of comic geeks everywhere. … Read More

Your Own Handwriting As A Font

This idea makes me tingle! Whoever thought this up for Pilot deserves some serious kudos and here’s why: they have taken a product, in fact a behavior, that has become outmoded and made it available in our digital world. … Read More

Personalized Pop

When you walk up to a pop machine your options have always been limited by the number of different bottles or cans it could hold. That restriction is now history. The new Coca-Cola Freestyle™ machine offers more than 100 different drink choices with flavors as individualized as your own personal taste. What sounds good to you? A Raspberry Coke? A Peach Fanta? No problem. … Read More

I Kicked Mommy at 9:01AM on Tues, July 20th!

The title of this post is a tweet (no, not from Mel Gibson) from an unborn baby! … Read More

7 Chakras, 1 Chair

You know when you go into your office and you sit down at your desk, your body is either doing one of two things. It’s either wincing from the pain caused by a crappy desk chair or slowly falling back asleep with comfort. … Read More

Complete Control

How far would you go for complete control? I’m not talking about simple decision-making or a choose your own adventure kind of lifestyle, I mean complete control. Total world filtering. Choosing the amount of noise on the street that you hear, filtering the light that hits your eyes, never smelling anything awful again, these are things that people want. Not world changing ideals or technology that stops an oil spill, but gadgets and tools that allow them to completely “perfect” the world around them or at least their experience of the world around them. … Read More

Smellvertising Sizzles

Drive pass this sign in Charlotte, North Carolina and your tummy will rumble. … Read More

OldSpice does Social Marketing right.

A Man’s Man. Man. … Read More