Say What?

Trying to keep up with teenage slang can make you feel old before your time. It’s always changing. But being “down” with it, knowing what they’re saying, and even using their favorite terms can make you feel pretty darn hip. … Read More

The New Market Makeover

Lots of us like to hit the metaphorical fast forward or rewind button. The Human Truth™ of DVR Lifestyle™ is about “Picking the good parts”. … Read More

‘Hostels Club’ lets you stay in Prison. Or a Train. Or a Cave.

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. … Read More

Fine (Tattoo) Art

Amanda Wachob has some fantastic art – for your skin. … Read More

Living the Food Revolution

Eat this, but don’t eat that. Eat at this time of day, but not a minute before or after. Every day, new products, research, and the media bombard us about diets that are promising to make us live forever or kill us slowly and painfully. Not exactly appetizing! … Read More

Arborsmithing has given way to ‘Biotecture’

For those who haven’t ever stumbled across arborsmithing (or ‘tree shaping’), it’s essentially “the craft of cultivating and training perennial woody plants to grow into ornamental shapes and useful implements.” That means you shape trees naturally, over time, into things like chairs, ornaments and bridges … Read More

One Store. One Choice.

With all the choices that exist, buying gifts for the holidays can, at times, seem overwhelming. Last holiday season, EA Sports simplified the whole process by setting up two of its own stores to sell only one item. … Read More


I always thought kind words were a boost to business, not a liability… … Read More

Press A2 for Literature

Back when they were first introduced, cigarette vending machines were brilliant. Why not take a highly addictive, easily portable product, stuff them into a big metal box and let people pay for access to them? In Germany, those same vending machines are getting re-purposed to distribute graphic novels for 4 euros a piece- all over Hamburg. … Read More

Wait…Is This For Real?

Sometimes a piece of evidence comes along that is so outrageous that I can’t help but write about it. May I present the craziest company I have seen in awhile: Revenge Crabs. … Read More