I Can’t See The Method To Clorox’s Madness

The Daisy. A symbol of happiness, peace, and the hippy movement.

Well back off! Because “the man” just trademarked it! … Read More

Coke Shrinks to Fit

There’s a very popular trend in the food business that calls for products to come out with 100-calories-or-less portions in single-serve packages. You get your Oreos and you get calorie control. … Read More

Cosmetic Wane

If you’re thinking of ditching your day job and moving to Hollywood to become the ‘next big thing,’ you better think twice before plumping, botoxing or augmenting. … Read More

Media Addiction in an Age of Technological Immersion

Social Media is the new Television. … Read More

Science is the New Punk Scene

So researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia have developed a brain implant made partially from silk that that melts into place on the brain’s surface like a smooth, outer skin. … Read More

Fatties Not Included

It’s not legal to discriminate, but in the Barely Legal Wave, people do cross over the line and get away with it. Recently on the social network site BeautifulPeople.com, members who had packed on a few extra pounds over the holiday had to face this ugly truth—they weren’t beautiful enough to stay on the site. … Read More

Quantifying Social Media

When I saw this story from Mashable that gives a dollar value for a companies Facebook friends….I was, ahem, intrigued. Now, people that know me, know I’m allergic to math but when I think about what this piece is really about it leaves me…well, exasperated. … Read More

The New Themed Hotels

The themed hotel is both destination worthy and cringe worthy at the same time, depending on your perspective. However, the idea of the themed hotel is resurfacing and it’s looking pretty good. … Read More

The Digital Ego

“When Everyone’s Super…No One Will Be.” This line is from one of my all time favorite movies, The Incredibles; and this statement goes beyond just having super powers. It speaks volumes on the digital ego, and how prestige works in an online world. … Read More

Multifunctional Thinking

Whenever I need a little inspiration, I head straight to The World Thought Bank to look for patterns, trends, and fresh ideas. It was immediately apparent to me what I would write about for this POV. It seems that Mintel was right when it predicted consumer products that have more than one purpose would be popular in 2010. … Read More