YAY!!! An easier way to spend the money I don’t have!!!

I know someone who would probably marry his iPhone if he could and when he finds out about SQUARE…  well, I just hope he’s in private.

This handy new way to spend is getting a lot of buzz and it’s just opened for public trial.  With a small card reader that plugs into your phone, you can swipe and take payments wherever, whenever, for whatever tickles your fancy!  There’s a simple, short, explanatory video right here.

Any kind of instant, “scratch-that–itch”, impulse buy, payment system is going to have cool business implications, but I also found an interesting article on the political fundraising implications that a device like this throws into the mix.

It’s the brainchild of Jack Dorsey – founder of Twitter… leading a snarky blogger to muse that it will be “interesting to see how this goes since they seem to have a business model this time.”

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