Habanos’ New Cigar Target: Women

The steady decline in sales amidst the rough economy has made the company look at new angles of the market, mainly one that’s smaller and more attractive than the traditional cigar scene. … Read More

Fuel Poverty Rising

In Britain, there are two factors seriously impacting the ability to pay the everyday fuel cost of living; rising unemployment and higher energy prices. Sound familiar? Those two factors are creating a similar class of fuel-poor people in the U.S. … Read More

Women Taking a Moment To Manage Stress

Johnson & Johnson is doing something interesting. This month they introduced a new service to help women battle stress. … Read More

Mapping Main Street

Main Street USA; it is a staple of political rhetoric, we are told of its suffering at the hands of big box retailers, but where exactly is Main Street and what does it look like? … Read More

Looking Forward to The ‘Kitchen of the Future’

If Emeril had two heads and four arms, he would do this kitchen justice. … Read More

For Watson Jeopardy is Anything but Elementary

Answer: IBM is creating a machine personified by this name to compete on jeopardy!

Question: What is “Watson”? … Read More

You Snack, Girl!

Products that appeal to a female audience aren’t new, but the new Frito-Lay ads target women as, well, really feminine women. They show women looking in a mirror and seeing a cupcake, or talking about the new snacks and saying things such as, “These things are the best invention since the push-up bra.” … Read More

Will It Be Hip To Use “SQUARE”?

YAY!!! An easier way to spend the money I don’t have!!! … Read More

Branding the Arts

Studies claim that the Internet is making people stupid; that the access to information and the rise of texting is going to cause a perfect storm of illiteracy and attention deficit disorder. Is the answer branded arts and literature? … Read More

The Wedding Cocktail

When it’s time to toast the bride and groom these days, more often than not they want the drink in the glass to be a one-of-a-kind cocktail mixed and named especially for them. And what could make a guest feel more a part of the wedding than being greeted by a server offering a special drink in “honor of the special couple.” … Read More