The Complete National Geographic

If there’s something that I’ve always loved and can remember doing often as a kid, it’s flipping through National Geographic magazines at my house. We had shelves upon shelves of the familiar yellow clad books sitting around. Probably twenty or so years worth. … Read More

Old Stories-New Healing

Older people love to reminisce and share old stories. That’s not news, but what is news is how telling old stories in a consistent setting can help people improve their memory and their health. … Read More

Money. Who needs it?

Daniel Suelo lives in a cave near Moab, Utah, in contented fashion without using money in any way, shape, or form. He’s existed without using money for almost 10 years and loves it. … Read More

Between Dawkins & Evangelism: The Religious Independents

I’m definitely not a “ Bah! Humbug(er)!”-I love Christmas! I’m a technically termed a Catholic but if we were sticking to “The Rules”–I wouldn’t be a very “good” one. … Read More

Technological Crossroads

Every second that you read this, 92,000 text messages will be sent, 30 minutes worth of content will be upload to Youtube™, and 10 blogs will be created.

The world is getting smaller, faster, and more personal. … Read More

A Comfort Food for Every Age

As 2009 winds down and heads into the wonderfully stressful holidays, what comfort foods are you going to turn to? According to a new trend-mapping report from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD), that depends on your age. … Read More

An Apple FanGurl’s Biased Opinion

Ok. So… I will try not to be too gushy with this blog but in the interest of full disclosure…I’m a Mac Gal. To the point of totally “connecting” with my latest beau over the fact we are Apple freaks. I seriously don’t think I could date a guy that only used a PC. … Read More

Paramount Launches Low Budget Film Division

Here’s a new angle coming out of Hollywood, and for once it’s not a sequel for a movie that’s been out for twenty years. … Read More

Economic Recovery

As businesses prepare to recover from the recession, they should be positioned to understand their customers on a deeper emotional level. CultureWaves is ready to help companies come out strong by offering an annual subscription to its Cultural Magazine & Insights Package for only $5,000. … Read More

FWD: “Have you seen this one yet?”

Mashable did an article on successful viral vids which I thought was really cool. While watching “All the Single Babies” one more time for old times sake…. the blogger’s comment about it struck me. … Read More