Some of you may remember us talking about ARG’s (Alternate Reality Games) a while back.  Well, here is a trend that is a lot less intense and underground but it shares the same online/real world blur that is so often seen in the Virtual Forest™.

Twitter Hunts are fun way to engage people in their social networking world and have it translate to real world interaction.

Currently, Tooheys, an Australian beer company, is launching a new product called 5 seeds by hiding 5 giant apples in secret locations around Sydney.

Clues as to the apple’s whereabouts are given out through the 5 Seeds Facebook page and Twitter stream where you can also follow the tag #applehunt. It’s nice to see agencies blurring the line between online and offline, utilising the increase of web-ready mobile devices, allowing people to take the campaign with them onto the streets and away from their computer.

We’ve seen Lily Allen and The Ellen Show have fun with their fans by hiding free tickets near their show location and tweet clues as to where they are.

Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk did a massive world wide Easter egg hunt that includes USA, Australia, Ireland and a ton of other places and instead of eggs he hid autographed decks and tweeted where to look.

Location based, augmented reality games? Yep. There’s several apps for that.

Here’s a company that has capitalized on the fad: “Tweet-A-Prize takes its followers on a scavenger hunt across the web every week. The idea is simple: this scavenger hunt will immerse the contestants in the sponsor’s website, creating a click-through-rate and level of brand-interaction for sponsors that is second to none. Everybody wins: the contestants get an exciting hunt and the chance to win a great prize, and sponsors get thousands of eager Tweet-A-Prize followers digging through information on their brands. Is this sort of social interaction the future of advertising?

Check out my Collection in CultureWaves® called “Twitter Hunts” to check out some different examples of how companies, events, organizations and celebrities are using this trend to further their brand.

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