The Age of Search

Indeed it is hard to imagine a world where we cannot simply “google it” to get the answers, even though that world existed only a short while ago, and it is equally hard to totally predict the change that will occur because of this technology. … Read More

Heartwill: An Online Safe Box For Your Memories

So many of us live an “online” life. It’s no wonder that a site has come along that gives us a forum to store our memories and create a legacy that will live on for the generations that come after we are gone. … Read More

Man, What a Shave!

Half asleep and hacking away at your stubble just doesn’t cut it. Not if you’re part of the Guys & Dolls Wave. This Wave is about men being macho and women being feminine, and there is nothing more manly than a good shave properly done. … Read More

The Armored Car Fit For a Czar

I worked with a Russian guy once. He existed on nothing but meat, potatoes, Marlboro reds and vodka… yes, he was a very manly man. When I saw this crazy Russian vehicle I thought of him- he would have loved it. … Read More

Are They Talking About You Right Now?

HSBC Holdings plc is a multi-national banking corporation that is taking a PR beating thanks to a cheeky social media company that decided to use it as an example of how potent online public opinion can be.

Definitely not an official site by any means, it’s quite simple – they pull in mentions of HSBC from the Twittersphere, then classifies them as a Fail or a Win for the bank… … Read More

From Hard to Soothing Sell

What do you do with a crying baby? Popping in a pacifier usually does the trick. How about someone crying over their 401K? Well for that, Madison Avenue seems to have found a pacifier for the times: Nostalgia. … Read More

The Battle of Online Currency

There’s been several battles on this topic from account bannings to players in some games taking matters into their own hands. Going on gold farmer raids, putting them on hit lists and hunting them down. But now, a more interesting approach is being taken by Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft. … Read More

Toys R Us for Reinforcing Stereotypes?

I am honestly not sure which is more newsworthy, the fact that a group of Swedish sixth graders are accusing Toys R Us of reinforcing damaging notions of gender roles, or the fact that the accusation is based on a two year long study of the effects of gender roles that the students have been undertaking. … Read More

Let’s Be Frank, A Prison Theme Ain’t Such a Crime

“You have the right to remain hungry. Anything you order can and will be used to feed you here at Felony Franks.”

The WSJ did this fairly thorough piece on this prison themed QSR so I will just top line it. … Read More

Vikings, Pirates and Ninjas, Oh My

In the summer of 2007, two major genres of the pop subculture came to a close. It was the last installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the release of the final Harry Potter book. And even though “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is still around and we’re still having fun with the concept of plundering the seven seas, the love of all things pirate has all but vanished. … Read More