Today marks a historic occasion: we have a mostly effective (31%) HIV Vaccine! Made from Canarypox, it uses a “prime-boost” method where the first shot primes the immune system to attack the HIV virus and the second strengthens the response. So why use Canarypox?

Canarypox is a bird virus- in this case altered so it can’t cause human disease and used to ferry synthetic versions of three HIV genes into the body. The vaccine contains a genetically engineered version of a protein on HIV’s surface and so are not made from the whole virus- and cannot cause HIV.

So with this we come one step closer to our cyberpunk future-where diseases are cured with a blend of animal bits and synthetics, people have Augmented Reality eyes, bioware embedded in their bodies and cities will be sprawling, interconnected behemoths of corporate industry with vertical forests.

Still, as long as companies look forward toward progress and towards embracing the future instead of fighting it- and become faster at both adopting new technologies and adapting to them, they will always be ahead of the curve.

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