A Great Old Hangout

Evidently there are a lot of seniors who would like to rewind back to a time when they could hang out at a malt shop or coffee house with their buddies and feel like they owned the joint. Mather Lifeway® is banking on it. … Read More

Tripping the White Fantastic: Part One

When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made the decision late in 2008 to allow unlicensed broadcasting devices access to “white spaces” in the television spectrum, many saw the move as a potentially giant step forward for US wireless networking. … Read More

The “Eau De Toilette” of Toilet Cleaners

This has to one of my favorite examples of Suggestive Selling™ in a long time!!

“I can’t help looking at what’s hot™” …even if it’s an ad for toilet cleaner! Sometimes the best ideas are about doing the opposite of what is expected. … Read More

Brewdog’s Atlantic IPA:The first Sea-Aged Beer in 200 years.

A beer that includes pirate ship oak, tobacco, honey, killer whales, 60 foot waves and force 10 storms. Perfection. … Read More

HIV Vaccine made from Canarypox. Spider Jerusalem Looks On.

I look forward to a future where I can cure cancer with a patch and my two headed cat smokes Black Russians. … Read More

Lights Out

If you’ve looked for a new cell phone lately, you probably walked away from the experience with your eyes crossed. Except for the high end, the differences between phones are miniscule, yet the choices seem limitless. But this one is different. It sees in the dark. … Read More

It’s Like the Pool Table IS a Pool? Woah.

OK. Seriously. This. Is. Rad.

“The Obscura CueLight is coolest pool table ever, features sensors and a projector that projects an image only where the balls are on the table…” … Read More

Culture of Upgrade

One thing we can’t deny about our culture is that we are technological nomads. Once we discover something, we use it until we’ve tapped out our interest and then promptly move on to something else. However, it’s not always a quick transition. Blu-Ray is taking a while. I believe this is because people don’t feel there is enough of a difference to justify the cost versus DVD. … Read More

Hey, It’s “Normal” to Someone…

The GR8 TaT2 Maker by Spin Master Toys promises an “easy-to-use tattoo maker kit…[that] creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects.”

Ok, so I originally spotted this “toy” on a hilarious website called People of Walmart. … Read More

Tweet Reward

While Twitter is still trying to find a way to make money, Dell recently reported that it made $3 million using Twitter. That isn’t a huge fortune these days, but that’s not the point. The news is how Dell connected the reality of product selling with the virtual world of social networking. … Read More