We put a person on the moon, invented the artificial heart, can harness the power of nuclear energy, but, for some odd reason, we cannot seem to design a gadget that is appealing to women!

Maybe, the industry is too dominated by men. Yes, most of the purchasers of consumer electronics are men, but, when you consider that there are roughly 3.5 billion women on the planet, you might put a little more energy into creating a product that appeals to this, very large, “niche” group! I use the word niche with all the mighty powers of  sarcasm I can manage to summon. People, people, we are talking about half the world population here!

Although women spend less than men on gadgets overall, we are still a very significant class of consumers. Nearly 40 percent of spending in consumer electronics comes from women, says the NPD group. Other estimates are much higher. Women account for about 85 percent of all consumer purchases and represent the majority of shoppers online.

Can’t we do a little better than pink?

If you would like some advice on electronics design for women, Priya Ganapati, over at Wired, would like to bend your ear and maybe beat you over the head with a pink sparkly laptop!

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