Disney and Marvel Make Sweet Love.

News hit today that Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for Four Billion Dollars. Hopefully this means we’ll never have to sit through another wretched Punisher movie. … Read More

Free Your Mind

I came across a really interesting group that I wanted to know more about. It’s a growing movement of mentally ill patients and their allies that are rejecting medication and taking pride in their ‘madness’. The “Mad Pride” movement originated in the late 1990s. … Read More

Twitter: More Grown Up Than You Thought

In technology, more than other life categories, we tend to see individuals pigeonholed according to age. The assumption that the youngest of our peers are the most tech-savvy is a popular view that is not necessarily supported by fact. An … Read More

Gotta Love the Creatures!

In the true spirit of Giving Back, I have come across a charity that is very near and dear to my heart. I was never a dog person till I got my guy Chili, and then I got Quesa Blu, then Shade! They truly are my kids, they fight, they grumble, and tear things up…well Shade does anyway, but I have learned how unconditionally they love… … Read More

A Headphone Connection

Silent Raves – they are kinda in the same realm of Flash Mobs, in so far as they are large groups of people who arrange to meet and start dancing in public at certain time.   The difference is that Silent … Read More

There Is a War on for The Last Frontier-The Internet

The Internets March to War! … Read More

Home Sweet Ashram

As the economy twists and turns, Hindu hermitages are finding that people are seeking them out not only as a place to go for a week of meditation, but also as a place to live. One ashram in Honesdale, Penn., charges $3,000 a year to live there in addition to working in the kitchen. … Read More

Are You a Target or An Unknowing Bot?

Do you know what DDoS stands for?  You might have seen it bandied around more frequently lately re: Twitter outages.  Well for those that don’t know it stands for “distributed denial of service”. A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed … Read More

The Endless Metabo Battle

One thing I was always fascinated with while living in Japan was the fight against your aging metabolism, or “metabo” for short. See, a couple of years ago the Japanese Ministry of Health started to popularize the fears of metabolic syndrome, and became a product innovation platform of its own. … Read More

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”

Ok, anyway my focus for this blog is 99%. It’s from the people behind Behance (A free platform for the world’s leading creative professionals) …their last conference was “productivity-themed” and I guess they taken their own advice because they have recently re-launched the 99% site as a resource chock block full of articles, interviews, tips… … Read More