As manufacturers create their own private label brands to compete for frugal consumers in the recession laden economy, national brands have to look for other options to reach consumers.

One such option is A newly launched internet startup that, according to, is the first to take on the consumer packaged goods industry. Quite simply, the site directly connects manufacturers to consumers s –but that’s not giving the new company justice, so here are 4 good reasons why the site deserves to fall in our Pop-up lifestyle wave where the eternally present human truth of “meet me where I am” is omnipresent:

· Site ships various household national products (into one box) for free

· Offers a planning subscription service where the usage of products is virtually recorded and updates itself with a set of reminder tools (never run out of toilet paper again!)

· Offer a price comparison check against those in stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target and Amazon.

· Coupons from around the country are uploaded and automatically applied (green plus)

Normally, ordering a tube of toothpaste would cost you more to ship than the actual toothpaste itself, as the founder of Alice points out, and unlike Amazon, instead of getting a bunch of different boxes from different manufactures, you get the various products all in one. The simplicity, the convenience, and (hopefully) the savings. is set to maximize accessibility by reaching a consumer need through the consumers office chair or home bean bag. It’ll be interesting to see how major retailers fight back with this latest creative push for access.

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