Monthly Archive: July 2009


High-Water Anxiety

When the ice cap melts, how high will the water reach? Specifically, how high will it read in the building you live in? In Bristol, England, those questions were graphically answered by the Watermark Project.


AT&T Kicks An Online Beehive

Net Neutrality has often been feared here in America, with out current view on China’s Great Firewall, we have all the reason to be afraid. Because blocking sites can be done in a heartbeat. And of course, AT&T decided it wanted to be first in the game stateside, only they picked the wrong site to block.


Valve: Crowdsource Funding.

PC gaming Juggernaut Valve has a dream. That dream is to directly bridge the gap between game design studios and the players, cutting the publishers out of the scene. They describe a system where gamers can look at prospective games, pick the one they want and invest in it. In return they get a copy of the game and if it does well, a return on their investment.


Generation Anonymous

“140 characters is a novel when you’re being shot at.”–Protestor in Tehran, Iran.

I’m sure by now most of your know what is going on in Iran, so I won’t go into heavy detail on the topic itself. I want to talk about how social media and the political fallout in Iran have created our first look at a cyber war.


TR2N may be the next Viral Juggernaut

“Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero. That is Kevin Flynn.” This is the line ringing through the internet at the moment from “,” a site that celebrates his works as a visionary in technology and gaming circles-right up until his disappearance in 1989. There is something else peculiar about Kevin Flynn: he’s fictional.


Beauty in Balance

In our tightwire world of trying to get on top of things and often just hoping to get by, it’s no wonder people are searching more franticly than ever for meaning in their lives. One example in the Inner Balance Wave points way back to Egyptology for a remedy.