…At least that’s what one bitter romantic is accusing dating service Match.com for being. In face, he’s so upset he’s suing–for 5 million bucks. According to the Dailynews,

“A $5 million federal suit filed by Sean McGinn accuses the company of fraud and deception for failing to tell subscribers some of their “matches” aren’t active on the site.”

Poor fella, imagine writing to a series of potential love matches and never hearing back.  Feeling crushed and reejected, McGinns lawyer says that could seriously affeect someone’s romantic future.

We’re not hear to judge, however dating services seem to be getting away with continuously posting the profiles of inactive users as potential bait to currently active users, (google it, you’ll get quite an array of upset users and their comments!). With no regulation regarding such, it seems it’s going to take some serious cash  to teach such companies a little about “false advertising” -and nothing says “I hate being treated like I don’t matter” better than a $5 million dollar lawsuit. Corporate hating is about being loud, aggressive, and sometimes outraged. So before getting all upset that the potential love of your life hasn’t written back, check to see their profiles have a “last login” option, otherwise, you might want to find a better dating service to begin with!

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