Probably not the best idea to roam around the streets staring into your Dsi handheld gaming system –weird stares from bystanders could be the least of your problems should you get hit by an oncoming UPS truck. The idea of playing ghost hunter through a game, however, does sound interesting.

Gamer’s guide Kotaku broke news that

“Swedish-developed Ghostwire will let you use the DSi’s camera to hunt ghosts in the real world through augmented-reality gaming…In the adventure title, gamers will use the DSi as a portal to the astral plane to find and collect ghosts that exist all around them. The game will also use the DSi’s built in microphone” –via

The idea behind Ghostwire is to figure out why the ghosts are haunting our world so you can help them, you know…cross over. As lead game designer Anders Bergman describes the beauty of the game is that it “allows us to enhance the integrated real-world experience with the combination of camera, microphone and touch screen.”

We were wondering earlier this year just how useful a camera would be to handheld video games, we’re suddenly enlightened. Let’s just hope the integration of fake on real doesn’t lead us to ghosts in my toilet. Check out the Ghostwire Trailer
for a demo.

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