Monthly Archive: June 2009


Regrowth of Human Limbs

Sounds like something from some sci fi program doesn’t it? Its not all sci-fi hocus pocus though as scientists are looking to replicate the same regenerative process found in the Mexican salamander—in humans. Nothing...


The Purchased Bay

The Pirate Bay has been a few things over the past couple of years, a harbor of torrents, an illegal downloading utopia, and most recently a political platform. However, with the recent selloff of the company, one of the worlds most infamous and viewed websites might be, for a lack of better words, a sinking ship.



Have you heard these terms? Funemployment, Paycation, The Unemploymentality?

“A new breed of “happily jobless” 20- and 30-somethings is forgoing the job hunt for travel, golf, and the beach, thanks to severance packages, unemployment checks, or parental largesse. Funemployment may sound “frivolous,” but this mix of “narcissism” and backlash against the corporate world is a statement about America today.


The Sound of You

People have been engraving wedding rings with words of endearment for quite some time. What’s new is being able to express those words with your very own sound waves laser cut right into the ring. This new technique can be used ahead of the event to immortalize the words “I love you,” “forever yours,” or something more original.


National Man Day

Well, actually it was declared on Monday when thousands of young men joined the facebook group rallying the cause of “standing up and doing manly things.”  Started by two Indiana men, the website urges...


Adult Toilet Training

Imagine being a bulimic, just for a minute. You’re getting ready to purge. You lift the toilet lid in the bathroom of a college bar and see a bright pink sticker that says “Bulimia Is Curable.” Does it stop you?


You’re Just a Tease!

…At least that’s what one bitter romantic is accusing dating service for being. In face, he’s so upset he’s suing–for 5 million bucks. According to the Dailynews, “A $5 million federal suit filed...