Here is a perfect example of Time Travel™. TelegramStop is a new Melbourne, Australia-based enterprise that has become a popular alternative to e-mails and traditional greeting cards.  I have never received one before but I do get excited if I receive an actual card over an e-card so I would probably pass out if I got a telegram!! Well, not really, but in this “instant messaging” world there is something really appealing about this concept.  telegram-stop-1

” …anyone can send vintage-era telegram to any country in the world for a flat fee of $4.70. After typing in a message on TelegramStop’s homepage and previewing how the telegram will look, it’s dispatched via post to its recipient. Harkening back to the authentic telegrams of Western Union’s heyday, words appear in a classic typewriter font on vanilla-colored paper stock with the text “[STOP]” inserted wherever you punctuate with a period. Delivery usually takes 4-6 business days.”—TelegramStop

Founders Mark Sehler and Ranjan Tharmakalusingham  say “It pretty much confirmed our thinking that the romance of the humble telegram as a form of communication has been lost in the modern world,” notes Sehler.  Of course, this is a special occasion kinda thing and with the convenience of ordering it online you have a great marriage of the old and the new worlds.

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